Drekidd – The Fix

DREKIDD1Drekidd – The Fix


01. The Fix [Prod. Heart Beat]
02. Sunny Days [Prod. Heart Beat]
03. Salutations from True Conns [Prod. Heart Beat]
04. Wild Out [Prod. Heart Beat]
05. You Made Your Choice [Prod. Heart Beat]
06. Closer
07. Frustration [Prod. Heart Beat]
08. More [Prod. Heart Beat]
09. Rain [Prod. P.R.I.M.E.]
10. Brings Me Down [Feat. A.P.] [Prod. Heart Beat]
11. Hometown Glory [Prod. Heart Beat]
12. Stepping Stone [Prod. Heart Beat]
13. Think it Over [Prod. Heart Beat]
14. The Good Die Young [Prod. Heart Beat]
15. Imagine [Prod. Dr. Dre]
16. Go Right [Prod. Heart Beat]

New shit from Drekidd.  This kid is hot, and the good Doctor even lends his talents to this mixtape.  Enjoy.



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