Big Six – Mid South Trappin

00-dj_ill_will_presents_big_six-mid-south_trappinBig Six – Mid South Trappin

Hosted By: DJ Ill Will


01. DJ Ill Will Speaks
02. Crazy Color Swag [Feat. OJ Da Juiceman]
03. Crazy Color Swag Radio Promo
04. In The Game [Feat. Yung LA]
05. Craphouse
06. Get Em Gone
07. Big Six Speaks
08. Hit the Highway [Feat. Yo Gotti]
09. Get From By Me
10. Dope Boy Knot
11. Cop Flip Work
12. Not To Mention [Feat. J-Futurisic]
13. Michael Jordan
14. Phonetapped
15. Do Tricks
16. Point Guard
17. Big Six Speaks Pt. 2
18. 1008 Grams
19. Position
20. Aflac
21. Holla [Feat. Yung Ralph][Prod. By Zaytoven]
22. Campaign
23. Wait A Minute
24. Secret Admire

Another Ill Will tape, he is flooding the streets with tapes right now.  Anyways, I listened to a few songs and it was pretty good.  Before this tape I had never heard of him.  I would definitely download if your into 1017 Brick Squad, the dude sounds like he is one of them guys.



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