Clipse – Till the Casket Drops

clipsetillthecasketdropsClipse – Till the Casket Drops

Re-Up Records

Dropping: December 8, 2009


01. Speak of Freedom [Prod. Sean C & LV]
02. Popular Demand (Popeyes) [Feat. Camron] [Prod. The Neptunes]
03. Kinda Like a Big Deal [Feat. Kanye West] [Prod. DJ Khalil]
04. Showin’ Out [Feat. Yo Gotti] [Prod. The Neptunes]
05. I’m Good [Feat. Pharrell] [Prod. The Neptunes]
06. There Was A Murder [Prod. DJ Khalil]
07. Door Man [Prod. The Neptunes]
08. Never Will It Stop [Feat. Ab-Liva] [Prod. Sean C & LV]
09. Eyes On Me [Feat. Keri Hilson] [Prod. The Neptunes]
10. Counseling [Prod. The Neptunes]
11. Champion [Prod. The Neptunes]
12. Footsteps [Prod. DJ Khalil]
13. Life Change [Prod. The Neptunes]
14. I’m Good Remix [Feat. Rick Ross] [Prod. The Neptunes]

To be honest, this artwork leaves me a little disappointed… Ill probably end up making my own just for iTunes sake [haha]. There [newest leaked] track, Doorman, is under the cut, and its [Im] good!

Dropping December 8, 2009…

Door Man [Prod. The Neptunes]


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