810 – Glasses Half Full

810810 – Glass Half Full


01. Intro
02. My Introduction [Prod. Mydus]
03. Tite Rope [Prod. Dcypher]
04. U Wont Like This [Prod. Mydus]
05. Issues [Prod. Mydus]
06. Shame On Me [Prod. Mydus]
07. See The World [Prod. Mydus]
08. The Oath [Prod. Mydus]
09. A Song Is Born [Prod. Mydus]
10. Too Young [Prod. Mydus]
11. Hire Us [Feat. The Black Sunn] [Prod. Mydus]
12. Glass Half Full [Prod. Mydus]
13. Pressure Is On [Prod. Mydus]
14. Cheat [Feat. The Black Diamond] [Prod. Mydus]
15. They Dont Wanna Know [Prod. Mydus]
16. Is Youin? [Prod. Dcypher]
17. Adventures In Slumberland [Prod. Mydus]

Im really feelin this dude.  This tape drops tomorrow on 2dbz, illRoots, & DJ Booth.  Check it Out.

UPDATE #1: Tape has dropped, shouts to 2dbz, illRoots, & DJ Booth.

DOWNLOAD HERE! [Direct Link]


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