Dolla – Dolla and a Dream

Dolla – Dolla and a Dream

Hosted By: Cartune Netwerk, DJ Krill


01. Georgia Nights
02. Beat Up Da Block
03. Push It
04. Lean
05. Talk Like A Ho
06. Who Da Fuck Is That [Feat. T-Pain]
07. Rollin The Blunt
08. T.I. Speaks About Dolla
09. We Stay Fly [Feat. T.I.]
10. On My Grind [Feat. Akon]
11. In The Club
12. Let Em Free
13. Fly High
14. Like This [Feat. Akon]
15. Rida
16. I Luv It
17. Homecoming
18. In My City
19. Cornel High School
20. I Wonder [Feat. Akon]
21. Make A Toast [Feat. Lil Wayne]

Shouts to the Cartune Netwerk for sending this over.  The tape is full of the biggest tracks from the late homie Dolla.  This dude had talent, its a shame it all went down the way he did.  If you havent heard his music then I suggest you download.  Rest In Peace DOLLA!



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