Chip Tha Ripper – The Cleveland Show

Chip Tha Ripper – The Cleveland Show

Hosted By: Mick Boogie & Terry Urban

Dropping: December 1, 2009


01. Intro [Prod.  S.O.V.]
02. Movie [Prod.  Boi-1da]
03. Wake Up Fool [Prod.  RJ Da Fool]
04. Owe You [Prod.  Big Duke]
05. She Cold [Prod.  Rami & Dez]
06. Fat Raps [Feat. Curren$y & Big Sean] [Prod.  Chuck Inglish]
07. Feel Good [Prod.  S.O.V. ]
08. Roll Up [Prod.  SKI TEAM]
09. Mic Check [Prod.  Jake One]
10. Dear Hip Hop [Feat. Naledge & 6th Sense] [Prod.  Canei Beats]
11. Get Down [Prod.  S.O.V. ]
12. Couple Dollas [Feat. Skooda Chose] [Prod.  Rami]
13. Like That [Prod.  Blitz Beats]
14. Never Come Close To (Snippet) [Prod.  S.O.V. ]
15. Whoa [Feat. Pootie Tang] [Prod.  S.O.V. ]
16. Back to Cleveland [Prod.  Rami & Dez]
17. Wonder Why [Feat. Mikkey Halsted & Carter] [Prod.  Avery Andon Beats]
18. Anne’s Plan [Prod.  Terry Urban]
19. Rap 4 Sale [Prod.  Dual Output Beats]
20. Mansion [Prod.  Rami]
21. Every Year [Prod.  Jesty Beatz]
22. Waddup Bum [Prod.  ABC Beats]
23. So Bad [Prod.  ABC BEATS]
24. To Cold [Prod.  S.O.V. ]
25. Sprinkle Me [Prod.  Hi-Tek]
26. Broke Ass Hoe [Prod.  Rami & Dez]
27. Check Please [Prod.  J. Praize Beats]

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