Lil Boosie & Young Jeezy – Road 2 Redemption

Lil Boosie & Young Jeezy – Road 2 Redemption

Hosted By: DJ Storm


01. Lil Boosie [Feat. Young Jeezy] – Miss Me
02. Young Jeezy – Scared
03. Lil Boosie – Hold Me Down
04. Young Jeezy [Feat. Lil Boosie] – Like A Jungle
05. Lil Boosie – Fatal Attraction
06. Young Jeezy [Feat. Gucci Mane] – Trap Or Die 2 Remix
07. Lil Boosie – Nigga Owe Me Some Money
08. Young Jeezy [Feat. Plies] – So Sad
09. Lil Boosie – DopeMan
10. Young Jeezy – Fed Up Remix
11. Lil Boosie – Better Believe It
12. Young Jeezy – ErrDay
13. Lil Boosie – Betrayed
14. Young Jeezy – I Got This (Don’t Worry)
15. Lil Boosie – Do It Again
16. Young Jeezy – Sunny Days
17. Lil Boosie – NiteLife
18. Young Jeezy – Trap Files
19. Lil Boosie – Missing You
20. Young Jeezy – The Underdawg
21. Lil Boosie – I Got Cake
22. Young Jeezy – Hard

More Updates Soon…


3 Responses to “Lil Boosie & Young Jeezy – Road 2 Redemption”

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