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Big Stack$$$$ – Microwave Conversation 2

MICROWAVE-CONVERSATIONBig Stack$$$$ – Microwave Conversation 2

Hosted By: Trap-A-Holics

As though having such a ridiculous name wasnt enough [really… 4 dollar signs…], his mixtape is called Microwave Conversation. Haha oh well.  New track below, and peep a video of him showing you his long ass list of erroneous charges here.

UPDATE #1: New track under the cut.  Tape should be coming soon!

New Tracks Under The Cut…

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OJ Da Juiceman – 6 Ringz

6ringz-4OJ Da Juiceman – 6 Ringz (The Micheal Jordan Edition)

Hosted By: Trap-A-Holics

Dropping: November 6, 2009


01. 6 Ringz: The Michael Jordan Edition Intro
02. 6 Ringz [Prod. Lex Luger]
03. Ohh No [Feat. Jody Breeze & C Bone] [Prod. Hamsquad]
04. All My Life [Prod. Hamsquad]
05. Watch Da Dope Lock [Feat. Bro-Dash] [Prod. Jody Beats]
06. I Got Ringz [Prod. Lex Luger]
07. Own My Own Team [Feat. D.R.E.] [Prod. Lex Luger]
08. I Remember [Prod. Lex Luger]
09. I’m Get It [Prod. Hamsquad]
10. Halftime- On That Gas Interlude
11. Kickin It [Feat. Young Chris & G.K.] [Prod. Drumma Boy]
12. Long Time Coming [Prod. L Crum]
13. My Fist [Prod. Nitty]
14. Bags [Feat. Young Dro] [Prod. Beat Billionaire]
15. Sausage [Feat. D.R.E. & Tony B] [Prod. Lex Luger]
16. Freestyle [Prod. Nitti]
17. Susie [Prod. Nitti]
18. I Talk To My Car [Prod. M-16]
19. Million Bucks [Prod. Nard & B]
20. Bread N Da Kitchen [Prod. Bj Beats]
21. Bong [Prod. Bj Beats]
22. 6 Ringz Outro

New OJ coming real soon.  Head over to MIXFEED check out a new song!

UPDATE #1: Dropping Friday!!! This is pretty much make it or break it for me and OJ.  Im about fed up with this dude.  So this will either make me like him or hate him.

UPDATE #2: Tape has dropped! Enjoy!



Frenchie – Back to the Future

Frenchie – Back to the Future

Hosted By: DJ Lazy K, DJ Holiday, Trap-A-Holics

New Frenchie tape coming real soon.  1017 are on the grind [now if we could just get that damn OJ…]  Anywayz, new Frenchie track under the cut.  Lazy K on da beat!

New Track Under The Cut…
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Wooh Da Kid – Pressure


Wooh Da Kid – Pressure

Hosted By: Trap-A-Holics, DJ Holiday

Dropping: October 18, 2009


01. Wooh Da Kid Intro
02. Pressure Mixtape Freestyle
03. Pressure [Feat. Gucci Mane] [Prod. Drumma Boy]
04. Bring It Back [Prod. Souf Side]
05. 9AM [Feat. Young Joey & Waka Flocka] [Prod. Souf Side]
06. Get Some Buisness [Feat. Kebo Gotti & Shay] [Prod. Track Mills]
07. Brick Squad Anthem [Feat. Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Slim & Frenchie]
08. Money Stackz [Prod. H Sno]
09. Come Around [Feat. Lil Capp & Waka Flocka] [Prod. Souf Side]
10. Totally [Feat. Muffy] [Prod. Souf Side]
11. Homicide [Feat. Waka Flocka] [Prod. Souf Side]
12. Wooh Da Kid Drop
13. Please Wait [Feat. Waka Flocka & OJ Da Juiceman] [Prod. Souf Side]
14. Duct Tape [Prod. Souf Side]
15. Retarded
16. Geek Show [Prod. Souf Side]
17. Wooh Da Kid Shirt Off Verse [Prod. Zaytoven]
18. Dead Guys [Prod. Souf Side]
19. O.D. [Feat. Lil Capp & Waka Flocka] [Prod. Souf Side]
20. Choppa Loose [Feat. OJ Da Juiceman] [Prod. Dr. Rock]
21. Rock Hop [Feat. Hexo & Waka Flocka]
22. E.A. Sports Freestyle [Prod. Souf Side]
23. Pressure Outro

This is dropping tomorrow over at Live Mixtapes.  1017 Brick Squard certified.

UPDATE #1: Updated with new cover, it looks like I had the old cover [my bad haha].  Dropping in like 10 mins over at Live Mixtapes.  Ill post link soon.

UPDATE #2: Tape is now available over at Live Mixtapes.  Uploading link right now.

UPDATE #3: Tape is up.  Preview it at Live Mixtapes.  Enjoy!